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Photo: File

In today’s era when land disputes between people are common There is also a village where monkeys along with humans own several acres of land.

According to media reports, monkeys have the honor of having 32 acres of land registered in their name in Upala village of Osmanabad district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

The people of Upala village respect monkeys a lot and that is why they feed them whenever they come to their doorstep.

According to reports, in the land records found with the village panchayat, it is clearly written that 32 acres of land is in the name of all the monkeys living in the village. However, it is not clear in the documents who made this arrangement for the monkeys and when.

Local officials say that in the past whenever weddings took place in the village, the monkeys were the first to be gifted and only then did the ceremony begin. Now there are about 100 monkeys in the village.

He said that 32 acres of land reserved for monkeys has been cultivated by the Forest Department.

It should be noted that there is a unique system for stray dogs in the village of Kushkal in the Banaskantha district of the Indian state of Gujarat, according to which more than 12 acres of agricultural land is specially reserved for stray dogs.