The incident took place on October 17 / Reuters Photo
The incident took place on October 17 / Reuters Photo

What would be your reaction if you saw a snake crawling on a plane while traveling?

During the flight of the American company United Airlines from Florida to New Jersey, the passengers were terrified after seeing a snake on the plane.

A harmless garter snake was spotted on United Airlines flight 2038.

The snake was seen crawling on the plane on October 17 when it was landing at the destination.

As the plane took off and started to run down the runway, the business class passengers saw the snake, which frightened them and put their feet on their seats.

Newark Airport staff and Port Authority police officers worked together to remove the snake from the plane and later released it.

No one was injured and airport operations were not affected due to the snake.

An airline spokesperson said the passengers had alerted the flight crew about the presence of the snake, after which the authorities were contacted.

However, it is not yet known how the snake got inside the plane.