Many directors belonging to Lollywood and Bollywood used to say that if there is no song in the film, the story is not enjoyable, the culture of item song also became common because it is considered as a guarantee of the hit of the film.

However, The Legend of Mola Jat has proved this idea wrong. Viewers are of the opinion that the story of the film has been depicted so beautifully that the audience did not miss the song, but to lift the story, a musical sequence has been inserted in the middle, behind which there is a story of a character.

This sequence has been performed by actress Saima Baloch who plays the role of ‘Raju’ in the film.

In a special conversation with Geo Digital, he said that it took 12 years of hard work for him to reach the role of Raju. He belongs to an Iranian Baloch family where there is no thought of working in film and TV, but to fulfill his dream, he stepped outside the house and started his struggle 10 years ago.

She started her career with a reality TV show, in which she did not win, but from here she started getting offers for commercials. Saima said that she started her business with this money because during that time her film Bitabiyan box office. But it flopped badly. She said that she did not want to work in dramas because there is a demand to give a performance by giving a script but no time is given to study the role.

She said that only because of her decision to work in films, her friends, media people used to make fun of her that how will she be able to make a career where there are no films?

Saima said that she was in depression for 4 years after the flop of Bitabian while also running her property business.

After a photo shoot by make-up artist Akif Ilyas, he made a comeback in the industry and one day he got a phone call asking him to send his audition for Moolah Jat’s character ‘Raju’. Saima said that at first she was scared when she heard the name of the film, but then after reading the character details, she started creating ‘Raju’. . A few days later, he received a call from Amara Hekmat that she had been selected.

Saima said that after that a scene was sent to her which had no equal dialogues. It was sad that after 8 years of struggle for such a role, I decided not to go because films are not released here, so I refused, but then I thought if this work would make a place in their industry. And then the journey to Moola Jatt began.

Before this, innumerable auditions were being held for the role of Raju, but no one wanted to do this role because of how he would be able to make his place in the presence of Mahira Khan and Hamaima.

Saima said that she respects her seniors and believes in making her own place instead of taking someone else’s place, so she favored playing the role of ‘Raju’.

Saima said about the film that when she reached the sets on the first day, after doing Raju’s get-up, she saw herself in the mirror and then everything faded.

He says that people ask me about this experience but what should I tell them that I was not there. He said that this performance was choreographed by Rehan Bashir, after the first few steps I performed in my own way, no one knew that I was doing Bismil dance.

What the viewers have seen so powerful Raju for some time is my own pain of 12 years, the yearning that is shown in this character.

When the scene was cut, everyone was surprised, but Bilal Lashari stood clapping and said, “Where were you before?” He said that on Bilal’s question, I replied that I was here, but the right time to meet you may have come now.

Saima says that she is now working on her production and soon the audience will be able to see her work, however, she is very grateful to the audience after Allah for the love she has received from the role of ‘Raju’.