Risa Hirako/Instagram Photos
Risa Hirako/Instagram Photos

Can you tell the real age of this woman by looking at the picture? First, know that out of a hundred, only one or two people can give the correct answer.

Here is Risa Hirako, a model from Japan, who is known for modeling as well as her age on social media.

And why not, after all, looking 20 to 25 years old at the age of 51 isn’t surprising.

Yes, this woman is indeed 51 years old, but it seems that the effects of aging on the body have stopped and it is still hard to believe that she is not between 20 and 25 years old.

Well, genetic elements must be behind it, but this lady does not like to hide the secret of staying young.

People are curious about Risa Hirako, born in 1971, why she has no wrinkles or marks on her face despite her age.

Apart from modeling, she also describes herself as a producer and artist and spends most of her time traveling.

As far as evergreen youth is concerned, it does not neglect the importance of seemingly insignificant things.

They say that hair color and haircut have a significant impact on personality.

But the biggest secret is their diet.

They give importance to pure food.

According to the model, ‘organic ingredients are always my priority and I love to eat pure food’.

Even if she eats fast food like pizza or burgers, she chooses healthy ingredients for such a diet and also consumes more seafood.