Do you know the reason for this / File photo
Do you know the reason for this / File photo

What if you travel in the elevator, have you ever looked carefully at its door from the outside?

If you have seen, you must have observed a small hole, but what is it for?

Elevators are used by people to go up a tall building or to transport goods.

But what happens if the elevator stops moving for some reason?

So this little hole is actually there in the elevator door to deal with such situations and in some cases even save lives.

For example, if the elevator stops at a floor due to power failure or any of its parts, it is not easy to get out.

This is because the elevator has several features that prevent the door from opening suddenly.

So this small opening is helpful for evacuating persons trapped in the elevator.

If the lift is locked, it is unlocked from outside with a special tool called hoistway door unlocking key.

This tool is inserted into the hole in the door after which the door opens.

In simple words, this hole is a keyhole which is used to open locked doors.

This tool is usually held by specific people in a building who unlock it when the elevator is closed.

The good thing is that it is very rare that the elevator is opened using this tool.