A Mantra / File photo of the continent of Intarkatika
A Mantra / File photo of the continent of Intarkatika

Antarctica is a unique continent for several reasons.

It is the coldest and driest continent in the world with 98% of its area covered by ice and the South Pole is also located there.

But there is a side of it that most people don’t know and that is that every direction in Antar Katika goes north.

If you have ever used a compass or compass, you know that its magnetic needle points towards the North Pole, or rather, it tells you which way North is.

But in Antarctica, the pole works in a completely different way.

Earth’s geographic and magnetic poles are separate, the geographic north and south poles are located at opposite corners of the Earth’s axis, while the positions of the magnetic north and south poles are undefined.

The needle of the compass is connected to the Earth’s magnetic field, so when you are near the magnetic south pole, the compass will not work correctly.

So every direction in Antarctica becomes north and that is why GPS is used for navigation there.