A picture of Sher Ali / Photo courtesy of azertag.az
A photo of Sher Ali / Photo courtesy of azertag.az

There are many places in the world where residents are known for longevity.

For example, Japan’s Okinawa region is called the Land of the Immortals or Loma Linda in California is also known in this regard.

But there is also a Muslim country which is not talked about much even though it has the world’s only Museum of Longevity.

There are many regions in Azerbaijan where people live more than 100 years, but Larik district stands out in this respect.

In this region located on Talish Mountain, people seem to have discovered the secret to a long and healthy life.

The Museum of Longevity here was built in 1991 and has so far housed 2,000 exhibits on the life and memory of its oldest residents.

When this museum was opened in 1991, the total population of Larik district was 63 thousand and more than 200 of them were registered over 100 years of age.

Now the total population is 83 thousand 800 and only 11 people are over 100 years old.

The story of a 168-year-old man

The current oldest citizen of Larik is Raji Ibrahimova, who is 105 years old, but one person who lived there is believed to have lived to be 168 years old.

Sher Ali Muslimov The yellow pages of his passport claim that he was born in 1805 while his tombstone records his death as 1973, making him the oldest living person in the modern world if this is true.

But unfortunately in the early 19th century birth registration was not taken care of in such remote places, so there is no certified record of Sher Ali’s birth, hence the world record could not be held in his name.

But the longevity gene runs in his family, and his 98-year-old daughter Halima says she may not live to 168 like her father, but is expected to live to be 150 or so like her grandfather. Live for 130 years like

Halimah’s passport shows the year of birth as 1924 and she is still healthy.

Halima’s day begins at sunrise and then the whole day is spent working in the garden or at home.

So what is the secret to longevity in this region?

The secret to long life in this region is believed to be the diet, which consists of fresh cheese, butter, milk and meat.

Along with this, the consumption of fruits is also common.

The guide in the museum says that the secret of long life here lies in good food, mineral water and herbs that can be used in tea to prevent diseases.

The guide said that people here prefer natural remedies instead of drugs.