If your car is taken from the new parking area, it will surely cause you trouble and you will start running for your car immediately, but a policeman in India took an interesting approach to warn the citizens about new parking.

In a video from India, a policeman can be seen singing a song to inform citizens about new parking.

The policeman sings to the tune of the famous Punjabi song ‘Bola Tara Ra Ra’ and while singing says that ‘If you park your car in the new parking lot, the crane will take the car away, you will be left empty-handed with only the car key and on the way back, people will You will keep asking where the car went.

This video came out on the occasion of Hindu festival Diwali which made people laugh.

This song ‘Bolo Tara Ra Ra’ has been sung by famous singer Dalir Mehndi which has gained a lot of popularity.