His story is quite interesting / File photo
His story is quite interesting / File photo

It is well known that AM is used after 12:00 PM while PM is used after 12:00 PM.

But do you know what words AM and PM are abbreviations of?

Most words in the English language are derived from Latin and therefore their abbreviations are commonly used but the actual words are rarely known.

Same is the case with AM and PM, very few people know what words they stand for.

So what do AM and PM mean?

In most English-speaking countries, AM and PM are used to denote the time of day and night, but even there most people do not know what these two words stand for.

So if you don’t know, AM is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase ante meridiem which means before noon or before noon.

As for PM, it is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase post meridiem, which means after noon or after noon.

There are 2 time systems working in the world, one of which is military time or 24-hour system and the other is 12-hour timekeeping system.

AM and PM are not needed in the military system because this system uses numbers from 1 to 23, meaning that the numbers do not have to be repeated, which other systems use AM and PM for.

Well, in ancient Egypt, the day was divided into 24 parts or hours and the position of the sun in the sky was taken into account to determine the time.

This system is now called sundial and since the sundial system could not work at night, it was necessary to determine noon and midnight.

The sundial was invented a thousand years before zero or 0, so the number 12 was used for the middle part of the day.

So it can be said that AM and PM have been in use for 3 thousand years, but in the 17th century, these abbreviations started to be commonly used in English-speaking countries, and now people around the world are using AM and PM. do