Scientists are building telescopes equipped with advanced technology to detect changes and new creations in space, but have you ever seen a telescope made of chocolate?

If you haven’t seen it, check it out now. Recently, the telescope made of chocolate is the feat of a French chef.

You might also wonder how a chef can make a telescope, so sir, Amory has masterfully used his skills to create a chocolate telescope that can fool the eye.

To prepare this realistic telescope, first separate parts of chocolate were made, then they were joined together and painted golden, later the chef also prepared the lens of the telescope.

The video was also shared by the chef on his social account with Amory captioning it ‘Chocolate Telescope! The perfect breakfast for spying on your neighbor.’

Various comments are being made by the users on this video of the chef.

It should be noted that French chefs have made various works of art with the help of chocolate.