In an interview he said this / screenshot
In an interview he said this / screenshot

After the success of the film Avatar in 2009, Hollywood director James Cameron announced that he would complete the story in a total of 5 parts.

The film Avatar was released in 2009 and after 13 years, the second part of James Cameron’s film is releasing in December 2022, while the production of the third part is also going on.

But now James Cameron has hinted that Avatar 3 could be the last film in the series.

During an interview, he said that he had written the story of the movies before the advent of streaming services, while the coronavirus pandemic has also changed the experience of watching movies, so it remains to be seen how the audience will react to Avatar 2. What happens.

He said that the world is different now compared to 13 years ago, the pandemic and streaming have changed a lot.

James Cameron has said that the Avatar series has cost a lot of money and if the second installment is not profitable, he may end the series with Avatar 3.

According to reports, Avatar 2: The Way of Water is 3 hours 10 minutes long and according to James Cameron, the duration of the film has been kept longer to develop more characters and the story.

Avatar 2 will be released worldwide on December 16, 2022, starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Giovanni Ribisi and Sigourney Weaver once again, while introducing a host of new actors including Kate Winslet.

As per the current schedule, Avatar 3 is slated to release in 2024, Avatar 4 in 2026 and Avatar 5 in 2028.

It should be noted that for almost 10 years, the record of the highest grossing film was held by Avatar, which was broken by Avengers Endgame in 2019.

But in March 2021, Avatar was re-released in China and once again became the highest-grossing film.