The reason is quite interesting / File photo
The reason is quite interesting / File photo

Now a fan is used in every house and it is run throughout the year except for certain months.

But why does dust collect in the blades or wings of this machine that provides us with cool air, even though the fan is supposed to blow the dust away?

The answer is not simple but interesting.

But before that, let’s know what a circle is.

What is around?

The vast majority of dirt in our homes consists of dead human skin and hair cells.

Our body constantly sheds thousands of new skin cells every day, which in turn accumulates many microscopic particles in the air.

These particles circulate in our house all the time and apart from this, soil particles, paper fibers, textile fibers and other materials are also part of the environment.

So why does dust collect in the wings?

In fact, it does not happen without reason, but there is a scientific reason behind it.

The reason for this is hidden in static electricity.

When the fan rotates it causes air molecules to form around the fan blades which makes us feel cool.

When these molecules move, an electric current is created, especially at the edges of the fan blades.

This electric current attracts the dust particles present in the air of the room and the dust collects on the blades.

This accumulation of particles around attracts more particles and over time the blades begin to look dirty.

You can experiment with this easily, you just need 2 feathers.

Use one of these fans all the time while using the other occasionally or not at all.

You will notice that the fan that is being used the most is dustier than the other.

Well, along with the electric current, the movement of the blades also plays a role in this regard.

When these blades rotate, the air velocity at the surface of the fan is zero, that is, there is almost no air, which causes the dust particles to collect on the surface and freeze there.

The faster the fan spins, the faster the accumulation will be.