Most vehicles use quarter glass / File photo
Most vehicles use quarter glass / File photo

Most of the people have been driving cars for years but they don’t know the purpose of some of its features.

One such feature of vehicles is the quarter windows or vent glass.

In fact, this is a very important feature, although it does not seem to be useful because the window is fixed in place and cannot be moved.

What is a quarter glass?

It is much smaller than a normal passenger window and is usually level with the side view mirror or above the back wheel.

This small window became popular in the 1950s when it was not fixed in place but could be moved.

Since there was no AC system at that time, the main purpose of the quarter glass was to improve the ventilation of the car so that the passengers did not get hot.

But after the advent of AC, such a design of these windows started to be used which could not be moved from its place.

In the current era, most of the cars have such windows as front or back side windows, but in some cars, quarter glass is used in both places.

So why is it still being used?

Although it was originally used for air drainage, it is no longer needed to keep cars cool.

So why is it still being installed in cars?

The answer is that the quarter glass helps the driver to have a better look around.

A quarter glass at the rear of the vehicle helps the driver see what is a blind spot.

Likewise, its presence at the front of the vehicle gives the driver a better view of the side-view mirror.