This was claimed in a research paper / Photo courtesy of NASA
This was claimed in a research paper / Photo courtesy of NASA

Humans are trying hard to find any space life in the universe.

But according to the American space agency NASA, humans are unlikely to discover any alien civilization.

In fact, according to NASA scientists, there is a reason for this, which eliminates the possibility of humans and alien civilizations meeting.

One from NASA scientists Research papers I was told that this is due to a civilization becoming highly intelligent.

He said that the end of an alien civilization is likely to be caused by an overintelligence at its own hands.

He said that if we do not take steps, the fate of humans can be the same.

It is called the Great Filter Theory, according to which there may be many civilizations in the universe, but they will destroy themselves before contact with Earth.

Scientists fear that intelligent organisms such as humans may cause their own extinction.

But he said that we can avoid it by identifying the elements that lead to disaster.

He said that the end of humans or any intelligent alien civilization could result from nuclear war, epidemics, climate change and out-of-control artificial intelligence.

According to the researchers, there is only one way to avoid this and that is to work together to survive.

This research paper has not yet been published in a journal but has been released on a preprint server.