Photo: Ukrainian Presidential Office
Photo: Ukrainian Presidential Office

Newly elected British Prime Minister Rishi Sonic announced 50 million pounds of defense aid for Ukraine after meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the capital Kyiv on the occasion of his first official visit to Ukraine.

On this occasion, British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak said that he is happy to have arrived in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and assured that Britain will stand with Ukraine in every difficulty.

“I am proud of the way Britain has stood with Ukraine since the beginning of the recent war, and I am here today to say that we and our allies will stand with Ukraine until the end of this brutality and war and the establishment of peace,” he said. Will stand like this.

He said that the Ukrainian forces have succeeded in driving the Russian forces from many areas in their country, in response to which Russia bombed innocent civilians. Drones are providing instruments and radars.

On this occasion, Ukrainian President Zelensky said that since the beginning of the war, Britain has been a strong ally of Ukraine.

According to a foreign media report, the 50 million pound defense aid announced by Britain to Ukraine includes 125 anti-aircraft guns, technological support to counter Iranian drones, including dozens of radars and anti-drone electronic warfare equipment.