Photo: Screengrahab BBC
Photo: Screengrahab BBC

A 5-day hearing has begun in the Special Immigration Appeals Commission for the return of Shamima Begum, who changed her lifestyle from Britain to Syria to join the global extremist organization ISIS.

According to foreign media reports, Shamima’s lawyers said that she went to Syria to join ISIS, Shamima Begum was a target of human traffickers for sexual exploitation. The decision to revoke Shamima’s citizenship was illegal.

Meanwhile, the Home Office insists that Shamima is still a threat to UK security. According to media reports, Shamima Begum’s British citizenship was revoked in 2019. Shamima is still in a camp in northern Syria where armed guards are deployed.

It should be remembered that Shamima Begum, a resident of East London, went to Syria 8 years ago at the age of 15 along with her sisters Khadija and Umira. According to the lawyers of Khadija Sultana’s family, Khadija was killed by Russian bombing in Syria.

Later, the British Home Ministry revoked Shamima Begum’s citizenship due to national security threats.

To fight her case, Shamima Begum had requested the court to return to the UK, which was rejected by the British Supreme Court last year.