A penguin at Dubai’s famous resort Sky Dubai became the center of attention for correctly predicting the winning teams of the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup, which is the center of interest around the world, and Sky Dubai’s Penguin is also enthralling the fans with his special skills.

A penguin named Toby makes a prediction about the FIFA World Cup that turns out to be true.

Tobi made a prediction regarding the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia, which came true, while the prediction of the match between Japan and Germany also surprised everyone.

How does Toby predict?

Toby’s trainer places the football in front of him, while the team flags are placed on the back of the football, and then Toby goes and touches the football with his beak, predicting the teams of the match.

This video of Tobi is also circulating on social media, which is being liked by the users.