In India, a video of a panchayat sentencing a girl accused of raping to a sitting position is going viral.

According to Indian media, the Panchayat (local court) of a village in Nawada district of the state of Bihar sentenced the accused of raping a girl to eight sittings.

According to media reports, the person who was sentenced to sit-in lured the 6-year-old girl to a nearby poultry farm and raped her.

The girl was caught and presented before the village council (panchayat), where the village elders decided that the accused had not raped the girl, but the panchayat took the girl to an unrelated place. On leaving, he was sentenced to sit-and-go only.

In the video, it can be seen that the accused is sitting up in front of the panchayat, but after the video went viral on social media, the decision of the panchayat is being severely criticized by the users and it is being termed as a murder of justice. Is.

On the other hand, police officials say that taking notice of the incident, an FIR has been registered and strict action will be taken against the accused.