Photo: File
Photo: File

An interesting incident happened in India where the police alleged that 200 kg of cannabis seized from smugglers were eaten by rats.

According to the British broadcasting organization BBC, the police in the city of Mathura in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh blamed rats for eating about 200 kilograms of cannabis, which were seized from smugglers and kept in police stations.

Recently, a court in the state of Uttar Pradesh asked the police to produce seized drugs as evidence in a drug smuggling case.

In an order, Judge Sanjay Chaudhary said that when the court asked the police to produce the seized drugs as evidence, it was told that the rats had consumed 195 kilograms of cannabis.

Apart from this, in another case in which 386 kg of drugs were seized, when ordered to be produced in the court, the police filed a report that this cannabis was also allegedly eaten by rats.

Judge Sanjay Chaudhary said the police had no expertise to deal with the case as rats were small animals and had no fear of the police.

He added that the only way to save the seized drug from such fearless rats was to sell it to research labs and medicine firms and give the proceeds to the government.

Also, a senior police official from Mathura told reporters that some of the drugs seized in nearby police stations were damaged due to heavy rains and the rats were not to blame.