Actress Saba Qamar released a picture of her new project ‘Mandi’ on her social media account a few days ago in which she was seen with actor Mikal Zulfiqar.

On this picture, many users expressed that Saba will be seen in the role of a politician in her new project. It was also speculated that the actress is playing the role of Maryam Nawaz because her dress is similar to hers in the picture. resembles

Shayan Farooqui Khan, the producer of the web series Mandi, said in an exclusive interview to Geo Digital that ‘Mandi’ is a political web series which perhaps no one has made before in Pakistan.

He said that he is happy that the viewers are waiting to know the story of this web series and are excited to know what it is about.

Who chose Saba Qamar in the web series?

On this question, Shayan said that the director had mentioned Saba’s name that he wanted to do this role with her, she is an excellent artiste and is serious enough for this role. I personally like her work so. There was no reason for anyone else to play the role.

Where can this web series be watched?

In this regard, Shayan said that his talks with Amazon Prime are ongoing, but it is too early to say anything.

Apart from Mandi, Shayan Farooqui’s film Money Bag Guarantee will also be released on Eid-ul-Fitr next year. He said that this film also has a good message for the audience.

In the film, Fawad Khan will play the lead role while former cricketer Wasim Akram will be seen in the field of acting with him and will appear on the big screen for the first time.

Shayan said that he stays away from the casting process so both the stars are the director’s choice.

Shayan said about himself that he is a Pakistani living in America. He belongs to Karachi. Belonging to a middle-class family, his father could not fulfill his dream of appearing in films but his support was always with his son. But even before that he had worked in films.

This film was not successful at the box office, but according to Shayan, after that he released five to six films internationally. His films include Sher Dil, Heer Ranjha, Daraj etc.

He said that he thinks that fiction should not be banned. Banning any story gives the impression that you are afraid of it. Unfortunately for us, people start commenting and spreading rumors on social media before the release of a movie, when no one has even seen the movie. would have been