Who will win the FIFA World Cup trophy in Qatar will be decided later, but Qatar’s ‘Metro Man’ has already won the hearts of the world.

At the end of the FIFA World Cup matches, the ‘Metro Man’ who leads with the phrases ‘Metro this way, metro this way’ is attracting attention on social media, including the fans in Qatar.

The name of the 23-year-old ‘Metro Man’ is Abu Bakr Abbas, who is originally from Kenya. .

The proof of this is the viral videos on social media of Metro Man who has made a home in the hearts of people with his work.

Sitting on the tennis umpire’s chair, this young man is leading the crowd with the words ‘Metro this way, metro this way’ through a megaphone, due to which the young man has been given the title of ‘Metro Man’.

In this video of the foreign news agency Al Jazeera, people can be heard in the interview about how much ‘Metro Man’ has affected them.

It can also be seen in the video that people are also dancing while enjoying this phrase of ‘Metro Man’ and various videos in this regard are also being made on social media.

On the other hand, the administration of Qatar was also impressed by the work of Abu Bakr Abbas ‘Metro Man’ and he has also been awarded honorary certificates.