Do you know the reason for this / File photo
Do you know the reason for this / File photo

You must have traveled on an escalator, but have you ever wondered why there are raised lines or grooves on its steps?

All over the world escalators have these weird lines and it makes the stairs look completely different.

This was not a designer’s idea but a very important element of this large device.

During fall and winter, a lot of water accumulates on the escalator steps, which increases the risk of slipping.

These lines are present on escalator steps to protect passengers from injury.

As a result, passengers’ shoes do not slip on the escalator steps.

There is another reason for this design.

When people travel on escalators, various objects such as used tickets, coffees or other moving escalators are thrown.

If the stairs are smooth, this debris can reach the comp plate under the bottom or top of the escalator platform and damage the device.

But due to the unique design of these stairs, this waste reaches the floor outside the escalator.