Do you know the reason / file photo
Do you know the reason / file photo

Look carefully at your hands and tell what attracts your attention.

Your answer, of course, would be the lines on the hands, which some people believe tell the future.

But when it comes to scientific facts, the main purpose of the lines on the palm (known as palmar flexion creases in medical parlance) is something else.

In fact, these lines help to stretch or compress the skin of the hand.

According to scientists, these lines are formed in the hands of the baby in the 12th week of pregnancy and are present at birth.

The number and depth of lines depends on various factors such as family history and ethnicity.

Most people are born with 3 basic lines on their palms, the length and depth of which depends on our genes.

These lines help the skin flex when you rub your hand and eliminate the possibility of objects getting caught.

This is probably why these lines are deeper and more prominent in the joints of the fingers and thumb.

Our hands do all sorts of things and that’s why their skin has to adapt to complex positions, so to straighten, close, bend or make a fist, the skin has to adapt.

If these lines were not present on the palm, the skin would hang loosely.

In some cases, these lines also help to identify specific medical problems, but this is decided by doctors taking other factors into consideration.