Photo: Screen grab
Photo: Screen grab

Some dishes from Pakistan and India are equally loved, including chicken korma, perhaps that’s why the insult to korma in the UK has set the entire subcontinent on fire.

The fight is in place, but Pakistan and India have come on the same page over the insult of Korma. On December 3, the British food network Tasty UK released a video of making Korma, after which the entire subcontinent went viral on Twitter.

Rice was added to the controversial quorme recipe, and the limit was reached when spinach was recklessly added to it.

After watching Qurme’s video, some social media users called it a real foreign conspiracy, while some demanded the return of the Koh-e-Noor diamond for this insult.

Someone wrote that only one dish united Pakistan and India, then someone said, “Please delete this video if you want to give money.” If it’s korma, it’s fish and chips.

Every single step of this recipe is wrong, that’s why there is so much anger that someone called it a sin, someone called it blasphemy, racism and hate crime, one user even declared war. One gentleman even said that ignorance is no defense in today’s era, this recipe can be sued in many places.

Someone from a neighboring country wrote that they captured us for chili spices, then why are they not using those spices in our own food. In response, a woman said spices later, first someone tell me why not fry onions and chicken.

It is said that quorme was founded by Mughal chefs inspired by Persian cuisine, but there is a dispute over who this recipe was inspired by by Tasty UK.