Photo: File
Photo: File

An amazing incident happened in China, where after eating spicy food, a woman coughed so hard that her four ribs were broken.

If you’ve ever eaten something slimy, you already know that eating it can make you cough, but you’ve never heard of someone breaking bones because of a severe cough.

According to foreign media reports, a thin woman from Shanghai, China broke four ribs while coughing due to her weak muscles after eating spicy food.

The woman told the doctors that while I was eating I started coughing, while coughing I felt a tightness in my chest and immediately after that pain started.

“At first I thought it was a stroke but I didn’t expect it to hurt so badly that I couldn’t even walk,” the woman said. That I have four broken ribs.

According to reports, after hearing about the woman’s cough, doctors examined her and conducted further tests, after which a thoracic surgeon concluded that the woman’s weakened muscles had caused her ribs to break while coughing. .

The woman’s weight is 57 kg, doctors have advised her to rest while treating the woman.

The woman said that I need to gain some weight to strengthen my muscles.