During Geo’s TV show, two famous hosts of Pakistan, Tabish Hashmi and Fahad Mustafa, had a push-ups competition.

Renowned actor and private TV host Fahad Mustafa became the host of Geo TV’s comedy program ‘Hansana Muni Hai’ in which Tabish Hashmi asked the actor several questions.

Fahad Mustafa also gave interesting answers to the questions of the host Tabish Hashmi, but during the program, a boy in the audience made an interesting competition between the two famous celebrities.

The boy participating in the program said that Fahad Mustafa makes people do push-ups in most of his shows, but today we want to see a push-ups competition between you and Tabish, on which the fans also do push-ups between the two. Competition was demanded.

Tabish Hashmi and Fahad Mustafa performed push-ups on the stage of the program, but the competition went to Fahad Mustafa.