This was claimed in a study / File photo
This was claimed in a study / File photo

It is believed that people prefer people who are different from their own personality to choose a spouse.

But a study claims that this idea is wrong, in fact, people subconsciously prefer a spouse who is similar to them in terms of personality.

Experts already know that married couples do or feel very similar to each other, but when this happens is debated.

Michigan State University, USA research I answered this question.

According to the researchers, the question remains whether the passage of time influences the pairs or whether they are similar from the start.

For this purpose, 1396 couples were included in the research, whose marriage had lasted from 2 to 19 years.

These couples were asked 198 questions to know their personality and attitudes.

The results showed that there was no relationship between the couples’ years spent together and their similarity in personality.

The research revealed that in fact, couples do not gradually become owners of similar personalities, but are usually taken into account when choosing a spouse.

Aggression is an exception to this trend, the researchers said.

He said that if one person is violent, the other person will likely react the same way and become more aggressive over time.

He said that if you are married to someone whose personality or personality traits are similar to yours, then the possibility of those habits being passed on to the children increases.