Kate Winslet/Reuters Photo
Kate Winslet/Reuters Photo

Actress Kate Winslet worked with director James Cameron in the movie Titanic in 1997 which turned out to be the highest grossing movie of that time.

Kate Winslet shot to worldwide fame with Titanic and now these two avatars have reunited for The Way of Water.

The second part of the 2009 movie Avatar is releasing on December 16 and Kate Winslet made a surprising revelation about it.

He revealed that during a training session for the film, he had achieved the amazing feat of holding his breath underwater for 7 minutes and 15 seconds.

Much of the plot of this new film is based on the ocean and that is why the cast learned to free dive for the role while also taking breath-hold training.

During a recent TV interview, a video of Kate Winslet holding her breath underwater for 7 minutes and 15 seconds was shown.

In the video, it was shown that after the breath-holding exercise, the actress asked, ‘Am I epileptic?’

When Kate Winslet learned how long she held her breath, she was thrilled.

During the TV show, when the actress was asked how she did it, she said, “First of all, it’s not something you can do while taking a shower, it’s not something you should do yourself.” .

He added, ‘I trained for this for 3 weeks and during that period I learned every day how oxygen is distributed in the body, it is a very detailed and unusual process, I mastered it. Got it’.

When asked how she felt about breaking Tom Cruise’s record of holding his breath for six minutes underwater in a 2015 film, Kate Winslet said, ‘As a woman, it feels great to learn something new.’ .