Do you know the reason / File photo
Do you know the reason / File photo

If you travel a lot in airplanes, have you ever wondered why the cabin lights are dimmed during takeoff or landing?

The reason for this is quite interesting and mainly it is done for your protection.

Yes indeed the reason for dimming aircraft lights while taking off or landing is related to passenger safety.

The purpose of dimming aircraft lights is to keep passengers’ vision ready for all conditions.

This method prepares the passenger’s vision for how dark it is, which can help in dealing with an emergency during take-off or landing.

In this way passengers are prepared to react to the darkness caused by an accident.

This is also the reason behind keeping the window shades of the aircraft open during take-off or landing.

According to pilots and experts, there is another reason for this.

Airplanes require maximum power when taking off or landing.

Systems such as cabin lights are dimmed to reduce the electrical load so that more power is available when the aircraft is landing or taking off.