The jeans were auctioned off in early December / AP Photo
The jeans were auctioned off in early December / AP Photo

Would you like to buy a pair of those old worn-out jeans?

If yes, then know that it costs crores of rupees.

Yes, it was recovered from a shipwreck off the coast of North Carolina in 1857.

It was auctioned for $114,000 (more than 2.56 million Pakistani rupees) as the world’s oldest jeans.

It’s basically white paint used during mining with buttons instead of zippers and was auctioned with a total of 270 artefacts.

The artifacts were auctioned in early December for nearly $1 million.

It is believed that this pant has nothing to do with Levi Strauss, the founder of modern blue jeans, as he produced the first pair of jeans in 1873.

But according to some experts, historical evidence proves that the world’s oldest jeans belong to Levi Strauss.

But Tracey Panek, the apparel company’s director of archives, says that any claims to the origin of the paint are speculative, the paint has nothing to do with Levi’s, and we believe it has nothing to do with miners’ clothing either. .

Now, wherever it may have been produced, the fact cannot be denied that it was produced before the ship sank on September 12, 1857, which was carried by a passenger in its baggage.

The shipwreck was discovered in 1988 and has since been sold for millions of dollars worth of gold, but this is the first time the artefact has been auctioned.

Another such auction is expected in February 2023.