The Syrian hairstylist has entered the Guinness Book of World Records by displaying his best skills.

According to Indian media, the famous hairstylist from Syria, Dani Haswani, created the world’s largest hairstyle of 9 feet and 6 and a half inches.

According to media reports, Dani Haswani performed this feat in Dubai and on the occasion of Christmas, he gave the hairstyle a Christmas tree shape which also became the center of attention.

Guinness Book of World Records also shared the video on its social account, in which it can be seen that Dani Haswani put a special type of helmet on a woman’s head and then created a Christmas tree-shaped hairstyle with artificial hair. After the styling has been completed, it has also been decorated with golden ball-shaped lights.

Even earlier, Dani Haswani made a Christmas tree from the hair on a woman’s head, but it was less tall.