Does this method really work or not / file photo
Does this method really work or not / file photo

Many people blow while eating or drinking tea or anything hot to prevent mouth burns.

But does it really cool the tea or coffee etc. by blowing like this?

By the way, know that eating or drinking anything hotter than 43 degrees Celsius causes pain in the mouth, while at 71 degrees Celsius, the mouth burns immediately.

It is not possible to know the temperature while eating or drinking, but the steam emitted by the food or drink gives an idea of ​​how hot the item is, which makes us unconsciously blow it before eating or drinking it.

So does it really cool the tea or is it just removing the hot air but keeping the tea hot?

So the answer is yes indeed blowing cools the food or drink.

When you blow, you expel air that is close to your body temperature through your mouth.

Our average body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius and blowing cools the air around the cup or plate.

An example of this is that if a cup of tea is held in a hot room, it will take some time to cool down.

But if the same cup is in a room with moderate temperature, it will get cold very quickly.

When you blow, you are actually cooling the food or drink through evaporation.

By exhaling, we push the water vapor away from the surface of the hot plate or cup, causing more water molecules to evaporate.

This method helps to chill drinks more quickly while solid foods take longer.

The hotter the food or drink, the easier it is to cool it with a blowtorch, while this method is less effective on a slightly hot item.