Chloe Fields and Christine Zelda's car rolled down a hill / Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Sheriffs Department
Chloe Fields and Christine Zelda’s car rolled down a hill / Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Apple’s iPhone 14 series was introduced in September.

There are 2 features in this series of phones which are very important for the protection of people.

Features like crash detection and sending emergency SOS messages via satellite are meant to save human lives.

Both these features saved the lives of a couple in the US whose car plunged 300 feet down a hill.

The incident took place in the Angeles National Forest in the state of California.

Chloe Fields and her boyfriend Christine Zelda were traveling in the mountain range when their car rolled down the hill.

According to Chloe Fields, we were giving way to a car when suddenly our car went down.

He said that as a result of the accident, the car hit the ground and overturned, but miraculously, both of them were unharmed even though the car was heavily damaged.

When both of them crawled out of the car, they realized that nothing had happened to them except for a few scratches.

It was 2:00 PM and they were hundreds of feet down the road, with the phones in the car missing.

But luckily, Christine Zelda found Chloe Fields’ iPhone 14, which was 10 yards away from the car.

Mobile signals were non-existent in the area while phone screens were also affected.

But there was a message on the phone screen mentioning crash detection and giving an option to contact emergency services.

By the way, the phone’s screen appeared to be dead, but Chloe Fields managed to send a text message to the emergency services.

Despite having no mobile or Wi-Fi signal, their message reached the emergency services through the satellite feature.

He was airlifted to a safe place by the emergency services within 30 minutes.

Interestingly, Chloe Fields didn’t even know her phone had the satellite feature as the company had only introduced it in the US and Canada in November.

With this feature, users can also easily share their location.