The film remains a mystery to people even 12 years after its release / screenshot
The film remains a mystery to people even 12 years after its release / screenshot

If you like to watch Hollywood movies, you must have seen director Christopher Nolan’s science fiction masterpiece Inception.

In fact, this is the film whose story is still a mystery to most of the viewers and still many people turn to Google search engine every month to explain the story.

But apart from the story, the film also ended in a way that is still a source of confusion for people and even after 12 years of its release, people want an answer to this question.

The film starred Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb, a master thief who enters people’s minds through their dreams and steals their thoughts.

Tom Hardy, Alan Page and Joseph Gordon played members of Dom Cobb’s team and the story of the film revolves around one man planting the seeds of a new idea.

For this purpose, they travel through multiple levels of the dream world and face the danger of being trapped there.

It was often difficult for these characters to determine whether they were in a dream or the real world, each with their own special thing to learn.

For this purpose, Doom Cobb uses a lute that spins continuously while in the dream world and stops after a while in the real world.

So when the protagonist finally manages to meet his children at the end of the film, he spins the lotto one last time, but before he sees the result, he goes to the children.

The film also ends at the moment when Lato is walking around but the screen goes dark before any decision can be made.

Fans of the movie have wanted to know for years if Dom Cobb actually met his children in the real world or if he was trapped in a dream.

So what was the meaning of the ending?

The ending of the film was explained by another leading actor who said director Christopher Nolan told him so.

In an interview a few years ago, Michael Caine, who plays Dom Cobb’s father-in-law, said, ‘When I got the script for Inception, I read it and was very confused and I told him (Christopher Nolan) that I I don’t understand where the story is going in the dream and where in the real world?’

Michael Caine added that ‘the director said that when you’re in the scene it’s reality, so every time I appeared on screen it was the real world, where I wasn’t it was a dream world’.

Since Michael Caine was present with Cobb and the children in the final scene of the film, it means that the scene was not a dream but the real world.

However, if you want Christopher Nolan’s explanation for this scene, it’s quite complicated.

In 2015, during a university address on reality and dreams, the director said, “The film ended the way I wanted it to, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character meeting his children, which was an objective reality for him.” He no longer cared about anything’.

He added, ‘I left the cinema before the end of the film so that people wouldn’t catch me and there was a very strong response from the audience, so as far as whether it’s a dream or a reality, it’s up to the people to decide. I have to do it because I think that’s the truth recently.