That child miraculously survived / File photo
That child miraculously survived / File photo

A hippo in the African country of Uganda has regurgitated after swallowing a 2-year-old child.

Amazingly, the child managed to survive the attack.

The incident took place on the shores of Lake Edward in western Uganda.

The 2-year-old child was playing near his home and the shore of the lake was 800 yards away.

The hippopotamus came out of the lake and started swallowing the baby in its huge jaws.

While he was swallowing the baby, a local man saw it and started pelting stones at the hippopotamus.

After this stone-throwing, the hippo threw the baby out again and then went back into the lake.

According to a statement issued by the local police, this is the first such incident when a hippo came so far outside the lake and attacked a child.

The statement said that the river horse had stuck the child’s head in its jaws and swallowed half of its body, but due to the bravery of the local man, the child’s life was saved.

The child was injured due to the attack of the hippo and was shifted to a hospital for treatment.

Keep in mind that hippos are very aggressive and do not tolerate anyone near them.

The chewing power of their teeth is 3 times that of a tiger and 10 times that of a human.

At least 500 people are killed by hippos in Africa every year.