Tom Cruise doing a stunt / screenshot
Tom Cruise doing a stunt / screenshot

Tom Cruise is an actor who does not hesitate to risk his life for the success of his film.

Now this popular stuntman of the film world has performed a base jump by jumping down the side of a hill from a motorcycle.

Tom Cruise did it for the 2023 film Mission Impossible 7.

The actor released a video on Twitter calling it the most dangerous stunt of his life.

For this stunt, Tom Cruise practiced more than 500 skydives and 13,000 motorcycle jumps and this process continued for several months.

The stunt was filmed in Norway in 2020 and the video has now been released.

According to the film’s director Christopher McQuire, Tom Cruise consulted with experts to develop a ‘master plan’ for the motorcycle and base jumping.

Miles Dasher, the film’s base jumping coach, said that such stunts carry the risk of serious injury or even death.

During an interview in the past, Tom Cruise told about this stunt that he has not done such a stunt in his life, a little mistake could have been huge.

Note that Mission Impossible 7 has been named as Dead Wrecking Part 1 which will be released on July 14, 2023 while the second part will be released on June 28, 2024.

Both films will be directed by Christopher McQuire.

Mission Impossible 7 will also see the return of Tom Cruise’s team-mates Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg and Wynn Rahms, while also introducing a few new characters.