This incident took place in India / AP Photo
This incident took place in India / AP Photo

Afraid of being infected with the corona virus, a mother and daughter locked themselves in a room for 3 years and now they have been forced out of there.

46-year-old Karnadi Mani and her 21-year-old daughter Durga Bhavani from Kuyyeru in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh were pulled out of their home by police and medical personnel.

The request for the expulsion of the two was made by Suri Babu, the husband of Karnadi Mani.

This request was made on behalf of the husband when Karindi Mani refused to even see Suri Babu for several months.

The police and others unsuccessfully pleaded with the two to come out for several hours and then broke the door and took the mother and daughter out.

To be posted on social media Videos It appears that both the women strongly resisted the expulsion.

Later, both of them were shifted to a local hospital where they underwent a physical and mental examination.

According to the authorities, both the women were suffering from a chronic disease and that is why they were behaving strangely.

According to Suri Babu, his wife was suffering from schizo-phrenia and when she was instructed to wear a face mask and stay indoors at the beginning of the Corona epidemic, she started exhibiting strange behavior.

Both of them locked themselves inside the room to avoid the covid while they also believed that someone wanted to kill them with black magic.