Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC

You must have heard that ‘Whenever a giver gives, he gives away’, an American person has proved this to be true.

According to the British broadcasting organization BBC, the American citizen won 6 lotteries worth crores of rupees together using ‘Chhatti His’.

According to reports, an elderly American citizen, Raymond Roberts, went to a bar on a cold December morning in the state of Massachusetts and did what he had been doing for the past 20 years, which was to win the lottery.

But this time his sixth sense told him that he should buy six lottery tickets with the same numbers instead of one, so Roberts did just that and bought 6 tickets with the same numbers.

According to reports, the numbers Roberts chose for the lottery were actually a combination of dates for birthdays and anniversaries.

Then the magic of luck struck and just like that, Roberts won a six-of-six lottery ticket with the help of his sixth sense.

According to reports, Roberts won a prize money of 390 thousand dollars (more than 87.9 million Pakistani rupees) on each ticket, he cashed five tickets and so his account has a total of about 2 million dollars ( 45 Crore Pakistani Rupees) came.

Roberts did not cash the sixth ticket, but invested this amount of 390 thousand in a scheme under which he will receive 25 thousand dollars every year for the next 20 years.

When asked what he would do with such a huge prize money, Roberts said that he would first buy a motorcycle.