New York-based astrologer Lisa Stardust predicts each constellation for the coming year/Photofile
New York-based astrologer Lisa Stardust predicts each constellation for the coming year/Photofile

Every year of life has some bad and some good days but no one knows what the next day’s sun is going to bring for that person but we have a lot to tell our readers about the new year. .

Lisa Stardust, an astrologer from New York, has predicted for each constellation for the next year which month of the year will be unlucky for which constellation.

So let’s find out which month of the year can cause trouble for you in terms of Lisa’s forecast.

Aries: October

Experts have predicted many complications regarding the personal and professional life of Aries in the new year 2023, but for this constellation, Lisa says that the month of October is a month that will cause difficulties in the plans of Aries. So avoid any major changes this month.

Taurus: April

2023 will prove to be an important year for Taurus to get their professional life on track, but despite this, there are bound to be some difficulties and obstacles for Taurus in April. According to Lisa, people belonging to Taurus will feel extra stress in the month of April, so people with this sign should avoid taking any risk this month.

Gemini: November

Lisa Stardust has chosen November as an unlucky month for Gemini, she says that November can cause problems for Gemini’s personal life, so people belonging to this constellation should not get involved in any problems this month. Enjoy the holidays instead.

Cancer: December

There are many opportunities for Cancer this year, but in the first 6 months of the year, there are many possibilities for personal life and being close to someone, but the last month of the year can be emotional (in a positive way) for the achievements of Cancer. Is.

Taurus: February

According to Lisa, in 2023, people belonging to the constellation Asad will feel serious feelings for someone, but there are two occasions in the year when their relationship will be put to the test to test its strength. According to Lisa’s prediction, your ex-partner is also likely to come back into your life a few days after Valentine’s Day.

Constellation: August

Lisa says that 2022 has proved to be a difficult year for the constellation Sambla, but next year will lead to a slightly calmer environment for the constellation Sambla, but despite this, the month of August in 2023 will prove to be the most difficult month for every person belonging to the constellation. But it will prove to be the most difficult for a person belonging to the constellation Sambla, so execute your plans cautiously this month.

Libra: September

Libra people will have difficulties in balancing their lives in the new year, not only that, the month of September can cause problems. can be satisfied

Scorpio: May

According to Lisa, the month of 2023 can cause many ups and downs for the Libra people, but the month of May can also cause chaos in the life of the Scorpio people.

Aquarius: July

According to Lisa, in 2023, the month of July will prove to be inauspicious for the people belonging to the zodiac sign, because the difficulty in their romantic life may disturb them this month. Avoid procrastination.

Capricorn: January

The beginning of the year will not be good for Capricorn, so Lisa advises people belonging to Capricorn this month to think about their decisions and avoid making big decisions, but the path is likely to be clear for Capricorn in mid-January.