The reasons for this are quite interesting / file photo
The reasons for this are quite interesting / file photo

Mosquito bites not only cause itching but also increase the risk of various diseases.

But apart from mosquito bites, have you ever wondered why these blood-sucking insects sing ‘songs’ to our ears?

They don’t do this to annoy you, but there are many interesting reasons behind it.

They feel attraction in the ear canal

According to research reports, mosquitoes are more attracted to those parts of the body that have a strong odor.

When we sleep, our bodies are hidden by clothes or blankets, but our faces are always visible.

It may be hard to believe, but the ear is one of the dirtiest places on our body and that’s why mosquitoes like to hang around it.

The reality of the mosquito song

By the way, it seems that mosquitoes are singing in the joy of finding prey, but this is not the truth, but the sound is emitted by the rapid movement of their wings.

A mosquito can flap its wings up to 250 times per second, while mosquitoes also make similar sounds to communicate with each other.

Body heat attracts mosquitoes

Body heat and sweat drive mosquitoes to prey, while carbon dioxide exhaled during sleep drives mosquitoes to the head, which is also one of the main reasons why mosquitoes ‘sing’ near the ears.