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Photo: File

The federal government has prepared a plan to revive the economy.

Details of the government’s proposed plan to revive the economy have been obtained by Geo News.

According to sources, the details of the proposed project were presented in the National Security Committee meeting yesterday.

According to the proposed plan, the targeted subsidy will be given only to the low-income section of the society, while the petroleum levy on petroleum products and gas is proposed to be Rs 70 to Rs 100 per litre, besides the proposal to impose additional tax on general shopkeepers and traders. Economic recovery is part of the plan.

According to the proposed plan, the funds transferred to the provinces will be linked to line losses in the gas and electricity sector, while current account deficits will be met through rationing of petrol, electricity and gas, apart from Rs. A proposal to determine the value of the dollar on a market basis is included in the economic recovery plan.

According to sources, local and foreign debt restructuring is also proposed as part of the economic recovery plan.

Sources say that a 10-year comprehensive plan will be prepared for the improvement of the country’s economy, the plan will be shared with friendly countries and asked for structured support, among these countries are China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, European Union and America is included.