This was answered in a study / file photo
This was answered in a study / file photo

If you wear strappy shoes, you will be well aware of this ‘weird’ problem.

This problem is the sudden opening of the buckles while walking.

So what is the secret behind the sudden opening of the buckle? The answer to this was given by scientists some time ago research I gave

The research revealed that the reason behind the sudden loosening of buckles is the strength of our feet.

Research has discovered that walking and running generate unexpectedly high forces, more so than a roller coaster.

This force acts on the knot of the strap and loosens it.

That is, first the knot begins to loosen and when this happens, the straps begin to open.

According to the experts involved in this study from the University of California, this thing has puzzled us for years as to why shoelaces come loose despite using all kinds of knots.

He said that he did not get an answer, so we resorted to the slow motion camera.

For this purpose, a researcher’s feet were imaged while running or jogging on a treadmill and it was revealed that during running, the foot hits with a force 7 times greater than the force of Earth’s gravity.

Our shoelaces tend to stretch with each step, causing them to loosen and then come undone, the researchers said.

He said that not all types of knots are able to stop this process, but some knots may take a little longer to open.

The results of this research were published some time ago in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A.