Photo: Foreign media
Photo: Foreign media

A 4-month-old bird named ‘Godwit’ has set a Guinness World Record by flying for 11 consecutive days.

According to Gunner World Record officials, this bird flew 8,425 miles for 11 consecutive days to migrate from the US state of Alaska to the Australian state of Tasmania and set a world record, which is the longest non-stop migration of any bird. .

According to reports, a team from the US Geological Survey and Wildlife Service conducted the experiment to investigate the first migration of this bird species.

According to the team involved in the experiment, the bird was fitted with a 5G satellite tag to track its location and distance, with the help of which the bird was tracked.

The bird flew from Alaska on October 13, 2022 and reached Australia on October 14 after traveling 8,425 miles in 11 consecutive days without stopping.

Officials of Guinness World Records say that this record was previously set by a bird of the same species in 2020, which traveled 8,000 and about 200 miles.

According to Australian wildlife officials, the bird reportedly lost half its weight during the long migration.