Photo: File
Photo: File

32 passengers were taken hostage at gunpoint by an armed man while waiting for a train at the Tom Ekimi Railway Station in Edo State, Nigeria.

According to the state governor’s website, a gunman armed with an AK-47 has kidnapped 32 people at the railway station after taking them hostage.

Police say that a man from the herdsmen tribe has kidnapped 32 passengers at gunpoint who were waiting for a train to go to the oil producing city of Wari at gunpoint, while those present at the station. There are also reports of some people being shot.

According to foreign media, the incident is a fresh example of the sense of insecurity spreading across the length and breadth of Africa’s most populous country, and this situation is being considered as a challenge for the country’s presidential elections next month. .

The local administration says that the armed person has kidnapped 32 people while one person has managed to escape from the custody of the kidnapper.

According to the local administration, teams consisting of police, army and local residents have been formed to search for the hostages. It is hoped that the hostages will be found and rescued from the clutches of the kidnapper in a few hours.

It should be noted that earlier the people kidnapped in March last year were also kept hostage till October.