This is that plant / Photo courtesy of Adelaide Botanic garden
This is that plant / Photo courtesy of Adelaide Botanic garden

A flower has bloomed in Australia whose smell is unbearable.

At the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, a flower called Titan Arum has bloomed that emits a horrible smell that can travel several kilometers away and attract bees and other insects.

This flower blooms once in 7 to 10 years and dies within 48 hours of blooming.

It is the world’s tallest single-stem plant with a single flower and no other branches.

It is also known as dead plant which emits a smell like many dead rats while some people liken it to the smell of feet.

Thousands of people flocked to the Botanic Gardens to see the flower bloom in Adelaide and queued for hours to smell it.

This plant originally from the Indonesian island of Sumatra looks like a flower but is actually a bunch of flowers.

This flower can weigh up to 150 kg.

Deforestation in Indonesia has threatened the survival of such flowers and they were added to the list of endangered plants in 2018.

Indonesia sent seeds to botanical gardens in different countries to save this plant.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens manager Matt Coulter said the largest flower we had weighed 75kg and was 2.6m long.

He said the plant falls within a week of blooming, after which the underground roots remain dormant for a year before emerging as a single leaf.

After a few years these roots once again take the form of a dead flower.