Photo: File
Photo: File

An amazing incident happened in Canada where a pigeon was caught trying to smuggle drugs into a prison.

According to foreign media reports, the incident took place on December 29 in a Canadian prison where a pigeon trying to smuggle drugs was caught.

Officials say there were about 30 grams of the drug in a cloth bag tied like a basket on the pigeon’s body.

According to the prison authorities, a pigeon was circling in the air outside the prisoners’ section for a long time, which raised suspicion, when it was noticed that a bag was hanging on the body of the pigeon.

After trying for a long time, the pigeon was caught and it was found that there were drugs in the bag, but the drug was recovered and the pigeon was released.

According to reports, it is not clear whether someone from inside the prison trained the pigeons or someone from outside is involved in the process, however, an investigation has been started in this regard.