Brian Wilson / Photo courtesy of Daily Mail
Brian Wilson / Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

Britain’s oldest truck driver still works 12-hour days at the age of 90 and has no plans to retire for at least a year.

Brian Wilson has been trucking petrol to various locations since 1953 and now 70 years later he still drives the truck from 4 am to 4 pm.

During this time they travel to various places in UK like Newcastle, Birmingham and others.

Every year they undergo a thorough medical examination after which they are allowed to continue driving.

After being declared healthy in the annual medical check-up recently, he expressed his determination to continue his work for another year.

He said that he feels fit and is keen to continue his work even at this age.

The company he is working for was founded by his father and he has been managing it since 1970.

Brian Wilson, from South Yorkshire, used to travel hundreds of thousands of miles each year but now prefers trips of up to 150 miles.

He plans to retire in 2024 and plans to move to Thailand with his 89-year-old wife after that.

The two met when Brian Wilson was 15 years old and married at the age of 21.

They are now approaching 70 years of marriage, while Brian himself will turn 91 in March.

During this time, he never had a bus accident and never took a vacation, but once he had to rest for 7 weeks after breaking his leg.