By the way, you must have seen colorful big and small fishes, but today we show you one such strange fish that will amaze you.

This fish was caught by the famous Russian fisherman Fedortso, whose video he also shared on his Instagram account.

This fish was caught by the fisherman during a trip in the open sea of ​​Norway, in the video it can be seen that the eyes of the fish are protruding outwards and it has quite large eyes.

The video of the fish has been receiving various comments from the users, some called it scary and some commented about the bulging eyes and mouth of the fish.

One user mentioned the fish’s bulging eyes as deep-sea fish bloat due to compression near the surface, which will return to normal when it returns to the deep seas.

The user gave an example in his comment saying that it’s just like we feel pressure when we go deep and it’s the same with a fish when it reaches the surface.