Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

8 eggs of 7500 years old ostrich have been discovered in Israel.

According to foreign media, the ostrich eggs found by Israeli archaeologists in the Negev desert are not intact, but their shells. These egg shells were found in an old fire pit in the desert.

Experts say that the finding of ostrich eggs near the fire pit indicates that they were collected by the nomads living there, but to find out the purpose, it will be analyzed in the laboratory, after which more information will be known in this regard.

The report states that apart from eating ostrich eggs, ancient nomads used them for decoration and water containers.

Archaeologists have also found pottery, burnt stone and stone tools near the eggs.

Experts say that the ostrich eggshells are surprisingly in a fairly preserved state, and their analysis is expected to provide new information about the period.

According to experts, ostriches were common in this region till the 19th century, but now they are extinct.