Former Indian cricket team captain Muhammad Azharuddin has said in a conversation with Pakistani journalists that Babar Azam has his own style, hitting is not his game, if Babar Azam goes for hitting then his natural talent will be lost.

In a conversation with journalists in Abu Dhabi, Azharuddin said that the main weapon of every player is his natural talent, if a player tries to deviate from his natural ability, there will be a risk of failure.

He said that Babar and Rizwan are important players for Pakistan, Babar will have to think about his batting position, Babar Azam is a good player but he is not a natural opening batsman, every man learns, Babar Azam needs more time as captain. Must meet.

Azharuddin further said that it is not right to judge a captain so early, everyone learns with time, Babar will also learn, Pakistan’s bowlers are quite good but they have to focus on fitness, good after injury. It makes comeback difficult for good bowlers.

The Indian captain said that England has played very good cricket these days, it was a lot of fun to watch England’s cricket, there is a lot of time in the Cricket World Cup, before that the teams have to play a lot of matches.